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Felicia Rosser-High was born on June 2,1984 to her wonderful parents Henrietta and Terry Rosser in Harlem Hospital NY. She is the Middle of Nine (9) Children all born and raised here in New York. She attended P.S.154 as her Elementary School then off to IS195 as her Middle School. She then graduated from ASA Philip Randolph High School in 2003. She was always teased in school as the teachers pet. She always took and submitted to leadership as a humble servant.


         At the Age of 16 Felicia attended the NY southeast religious training institute there she graduated with honors in Evangelism, General bible 1 and 2 under the Leadership of Bishop Norman Quick.   She is currently employed in Mid-town NY/NJ and is an Associate account manager for a communications company where she has been employed for 9 years. She is a two time CEO of Kingdom Barbee’s Christian Women’s Sorority and CEO of Her2 Cosmetics.

            At the age of 27, with much prayer, studying and Fasting Felicia was license and ordained as an Elder in the Lords Church, She has a heart for the people and a mind to serve in ministry. As a little girl she was always eager to go to church and to praise God. She love evangelizing and telling people about the God she serves and how awesome He is to her. Such as Jesus She strongly believes that she is here to serve and not to be served.  


She is married to Minister Jonathan C. High, They both pronounced their vows before a church of over 200 guest on August 23,2012. The Lord has really blessed their union and ministry. They both have a heart for God and a heart for Gods people. Their union has been blessed before the I Do's were spoken aloud. 


Felicia is an active member of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Far Rockaway, NY where she sits as an associate Minister.  She stands under the leadership of Pastor Larry L, Shell, sr.  There she is being taught and feed with the word of God.  Pastor Shell teaches her to learn how to serve before you try to lead. He teaches her to always be a leader and that a title does not make a leader but God makes a leader along with the works that you do.  She strives always to follow her Pastors words to her, which are to “Preach until the devil is converted”.


Felicia’s Motto is that She is just a nobody, trying to tell everybody about somebody who can save any body.


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