Kingdom Barbee Christian Women's Sorority Inc.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Christian girls!

The Kingdom Barbee's was founded in 2008 by Felicia Lynette Rosser-High. It was a Saturday afternoon and she was talking with a Friend (Asia) about starting a group with just the two of them. So they decided to go with the name Amber Barbie's. Shortly after the Lord had given Felicia a vision to enlarge her territory to help other saved young women in the body of Christ. Felicia struggled with the name of this group, until finally the name Kingdom Barbee dropped in her spirit.


         At first she was a little iffy of the name because she cared very much of what people would think. She was very much so into fashion, shoes and makeup and many of her fellow sisters in Christ were as well. She did not want the people to think this was a group of young women who thought they were better than others, or who took church as a fashion show. The Lord began to give her the vision to write and she wrote it down as the Lord made it plain to her. The Lord gave her detailed instructions on what to write and how to get the vision fulfilled in His name and for His glory.


         Once the name was revealed the colors were as well. The colors PINK and PURPLE were not just picked because they were girly colors. They were given as spiritual symbols. The Pink is for suffering and the Purple is for Royalty. The yellow crown is for the glory of God. God took our suffering, made us royal (via adoption into the Kingdom) and we now stand under His glory. Pink and Purple mixed is RED (The blood of Jesus).


         Felicia begin to talk to her Pastor about this vision and from there it took off with prayer and fasting. She then began to tell many of her friends and they too wanted to know how they could be apart of this Kingdom movement. They had their first meeting via conference call; there were over thirty young women on one call. They then went out and celebrated.  The KB's had many outings, such as Dave & Busters, Karaoke, Christmas dinners, services and more.


         Felicia's desire was to bring a group of young women together to fellowship one with another. She wanted young women to encourage one another and love one another minus the cattiness. She knew that there were a lot of young women in the body of Christ who did not speak, who did not acknowledge one another and who did not love each other. She was determined to be her sister's keeper. She understood and saw the cattiness in the body of Christ between women and she wanted to change that and help teach/build love. 


        Felicia was able to bring over fifty young women together from all race, all walks of life, different religious backgrounds and traditions together as one, to serve one GOD.  She allowed them to open up to one another and share their testimonies and many of them were similar in liking. This gave other young women a chance to know that there was and still is HOPE and if God did it before, He can do it again.


         The Kingdom Barbee's now stand with fifty plus members. All from the Tri-state area. These women are from different churches and backgrounds. The KB's participates every year in feeding the homeless and those less wealthy on Thanksgiving Day. They also provide the children's hospital with Easter baskets for their little patients. We count it an honor to be able to serve.


The KB's are looking to expand in the coming years by going south with this sorority and opening other chapters in different states as the Lord orders.


Our vision and mission is to SERVE.


The Kingdom Barbee's board of directors as of 2013

Felicia Rosser-High-CEO

Odessia Brown-President

Latoya Been-President of Public Relations

Clarissa McLeod-Coordinator/Director of the KBP (12 & under) 


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