Kingdom Barbee Christian Women's Sorority Inc.

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Christian girls!

I am a fighter!

      I have always fought; wether it was for my position at home

(being the middle child of eleven), at work (being one of the youngest at my job)

or my position in life. These battles chose me and I had no choice but to go toe to

toe with whomever. I did my best to be undefeated and after I won, I did not feel


There was this one day I felt at my wits end and I didn’t want to fight

anymore. It was then God placed a voice in my head saying “I placed help right before you, seek it” and I did. Ever since then with baby steps I have been a God

fearing creature. As a Christian I have realized that this walk is by faith, not by sight. I leave all my troubles, worries, concerns and battles in the hands of my lord. I am a working process and I am christian enough to admit that sometimes slip up in “worldly” ways but I ask for forgiveness and count blessings.

        My life is not perfect but I am okay with that. My life is not going to change over night, That is fine. I just know that when it is all said and done, I am one of the first in line to receive my Mansion, Crown and Robe! 

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