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                        Ladies Night Out

     As women of the Lord we live in a world, in a society that tries or dictates to how we should look, dress, act, sound or conduct ourselves to the worldly standards through Magazines, music videos, movies and even influence from friends and family.

In today’s world, with so much violence and sex going in the media we as Christian women need to know how to keep our integrity. How I maintain my integrity is praying and communicating with God on a daily bases by reading his word and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me when I am around people with different ways of living. When I was single and being tempted by friends, family or society to live a life style that’s not pleasing to God, I remember attending a Women’s retreat in 2005 where there were seven female preachers who taught us through their testimonies on how to be a lady, how to wait on God and don’t compromise yourself for no body. Those experiences along with my personal trails have taught me that being single is not a problem but a blessing because it allows you to be: 1) be closer to God, to grow and learn 2) focusing on your goals and what you desire in life. Furthermore, with all the that is happening in today’s world and that is being expressed in the media, by praying, fasting and trusting God in a time of turmoil I don’t get involved in worldly matters to the point I end loosing focus on God and what I’m called to do.

            As I have learned from the mistakes I made when it comes to how a woman should act, look, think, speak and handle herself as a child of God, I have used my testimonies of how I was when I lived according to society’s way of thinking is that I share with other women what God has done for me in loving and accepting who I am and how I was created in his image (Genesis 1:26-27). At times temptation comes from not just the enemy himself but, also those who try to question your loyalty to God and your purity. As I was told by a preacher “it’s okay to be tempted but, don’t nurture the temptation” meaning at times you will be tempted be tempted but ask God to keep you so that you don’t fall into the trap the devil has set before you. As women, sometimes men will entice us to have intercourse with them. In that being said, God has taught me through his word (Romans 12:2, 6:23and 2nd Corinthians 5:17) that is I don’t have to submit myself to no body and to please no man but, to stand my ground and say no to the ungodly things such as drugs, cigarettes, liquor, clubs, strip clubs, porn and other worldly desires of the flesh. I have a few unsaved friends who want me to go clubbing and do other things I no longer do and how I handle myself around them is to know and remember that I’m no longer the same person that was committed to doing the worldly things but now changed, transformed and knows better to live a better life so the pressure is not urging to participate in those things. Last, how I deal with gossip among other women is not just knowing that its wrong but, the fact that the same people who gossip about one person also gossip about you to others when your not present and understanding that gossiping is of the devil. Through gossip people are accused and lied on about things they never did or mistakes that were made in the past.

                                                                                                                                             Jennifer Jackson-Flores

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