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Lalethia L. Ballard was born in The Bronx, NY and was born and raised in church by her grandmother.  Starting in ministry at a young age, Lalethia was involved with many different aspects of servanthood. From secretary of the Sunday School department, to president of the youth ministry and church musician at her first home church Bethel Apostolic Assembly.

As a teen, Lalethia became a member of the Beulah Church of God in Christ Jesus where she attended for many years serving in various ministries: the choir, praise team, and youth department, just to name a few.  She then later became one of the praise team leaders and vice president of the Youth Celebration Choir under the direction of Scott Troublefield. She also served diligently under Lady Mother Sandra Jones. Under her leadership, she developed the tools of becoming a lady and understanding what it means to love who you are.

After while Lalethia began to feel a tug in ministry to help other young ladies. Although she felt and knew the call on her life just like many others she ran from God and the call to ministry. Even in her running she found herself becoming a magnet to young ladies like herself reaching out for help. Many young girls attached themselves to her as their “big sister” but because of her disobedience to God it all came crashing down on her; however, she listened to the voice of the Lord and became a mentor to many sisters, some of which who dedicated their life to Christ. She has since become “big sis” to ALL of those around her.

Thanking God for His unmerited grace and mercy, Lalethia is now serving in Greater Sessions Cathedral under the leadership of Bishop D. Session and Pastor T. Gibson. She serves as one of the praise leaders alongside her husband Stephen J. Ballard. She is actively involved with the youth department as it expands.

Lalethia is an entrepreneur, president and CEO of an upcoming mentoring program “A Sisters Promise”, and a proud member of Kingdom Barbee. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!   

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